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"Made in Germany" das Markenzeichen, das Luxusprodukt -  die Spitze des Marktes

Statement: Until the 1990’s, the major players in the luxury prestige world were familyowned companies that used to be called "Maisons" but when the BBA in Luxury, Fashion and Brand Management was founded, this was not the case anymore.

Today, most luxury brands are part of major international groups and need a new breed of managers with a specific kind of business expertise. This is because they have to manage, in a very competitive international context, leading brands with a highly innovative and creative potential, combined with a strong history and culture. The industry trend has above-average market growth rates and offers an exceptional career perspective. Those who plan to work in Luxury Fashion and Brand have to be able to match the management, business skills with the culture and the spirit of the company including their brands.

Our management program teaches the international management skills and creates the basis for entering this specific and target industry but also all other industry sectors. 

Andre Schlipp



Program in periods:

The first period:

Luxury, Fashion & Brand Product Knowledge

Global Market Basics

Retail Essentials

Business Game: How to built up your own Label

1. Internship

Understanding Brand Management and Organizational Issues


The second period: 




Collection Management

Model Management

Brand Diversity


 Understanding Luxury Distribution,





The third period:


Consumption and Management Issues

Optional: Excursions Fashion Weeks (extra costs)




Organisation of a Fashion Week 3. + 4. Semester


 2. Internship




The fourth period (final period):




Bachelor Thesis